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The ACR OLAS (Overboard Location Alert System) GUARDIAN System is a is a wireless engine kill switch and MOB (Man Overboard) alarm system, that provides users with a robust set of safety features.

OLAS GUARDIAN kill switch feature offers powerboat, motorboat and RIB drivers the security of knowing that their boat will stop in an instant, should the skipper or crew get separated from the boat, reducing the chances of a serious accident from a loose, unmanned, uncontrolled vessel.   One of the beast features, is the ability to freely move around the boat without constantly having to remember to attach, detach and re-attach a wired kill cord. 

Given that the OLAS GUARDIAN also wirelessly connects up to 15 crew members via wearable OLAS transmitters (OLAS Tags or OLAS Float-On Lights), it essentially creates a virtual MOB kill cord attached to each transmitter.  Within two seconds of an OLAS transmitter losing connection, either by going overboard or via separation by distance, the engine will cut out, and a loud alarm is triggered.  

The engine can be restarted after five seconds, and a rescue can be performed. The rescue process is then simplified by the GUARDIAN’s ability to connect with the ACR OLAS mobile app which, in the case of a MOB incident, provides an easy to read directional screen showing the direction where the alarm was triggered.

The GUARDIAN provides coverage for vessels up to 50 feet and is scalable via the use of the OLAS EXTENDER for use on vessels up to 80 feet.

*As of April 1, 2021, the U.S.C.G. implemented a new law passed by Congress requiring the use of engine cut-off switches (ECOS) and the associated engine cut-off switch link (ECOSL) on recreational vessels.  The law is relevant to all federally navigable waterways and specifically applies to recreational vessels with the following characteristics:

  • Vessels less than 26 feet in length
  • Vessels with an engine capable of 115 lbs. static thrust (approximately 2-3 hp)
  • Vessels built in January 2020 or later


  • OLAS Mobile App Operation - the fully functional OLAS Guardian is easily operated via the OLAS Mobile APP (a free downloadable Android or iOS app), which enables you to set many of the parameters used in the MOB monitoring.
  • Run alongside existing Kill switch - OLAS Guardian can be used in place of or alongside an existing kill cord switch and will operate if the physical kill cord has not been attached to the driver.
  • Automatic restart - After 5 seconds the kill switch is deactivated enabling the engine to be restarted
  • Built-In Alarm - 85db alarm will sound to indicate an OLAS transmitter has gone out of range
  • Built-In Emergency Light - A high-power emergency Red light will illuminate, offering a clear visual indication of an alert whilst also acting as a light to illuminate the surrounding area
  • Automatic connection - When you board your vessel and switch on the power, OLAS Guardian will automatically connect to any switched on OLAS transmitting devices within a 6.5' (2 M) range.
  • No connection alert and override - If you board the vessel and no transmitters are switched on, the OLAS Guardian will sound an alert. 
  • Pause mode - The system can be placed in a pause mode.  This is used when you need to leave the boat with the engine idling and knowing the OLAS transmitter will go out of range
  • Connects up to 15 OLAS Transmitters (OLAS Tags or OLAS Float-On)
  • Extender compatible - An OLAS Extender can be used to cover areas where the transmitter signal may be blocked.  This allows use on larger vessels up to 80' and the ability to scale the system up if required.
  • Through panel mounting - The compact, stainless steel switch requires minimum adjustment to your existing center console, allowing it to be fitted through an 18mm hole
  • Color-coded control switch makes the system easy to control and set-up, without the need for the OLAS App. 
  • Monitor and track OLAS Transmitters, enabling customized ID names for easy identification.
  • Continuous system feedback - The GUARDIAN indicates how many OLAS transmitters are connected during the setup and monitoring process.
  • Transmitters can be Added to the system either using the mobile application or through a simple inbuilt switching process. 

Technical Specifications:

  • OLAS GUARDIAN Dimensions (H x L X W) - 3.6" x 3.5" x 1.5" (9.2 x 9 x 3.8 cm)
  • Weight - 3.97 oz (112.5 g)
  • Maximum Number of Connected OLAS Transmitters - 15
  • Power - 10 - 32 V
  • Visual Alarm - 85 Lumen Red LED
  • Audible Alarm - 85 db
  • Automatic Connection - Yes
  • Waterproof - IP67


  • U.S.C.G.
  • F.C.C.
  • RoHS 2.0

In the Box:

  • OLAS GUARDIAN engine kill switch hub
  • OLAS GUARDIAN control switch
  • One (1) OLAS Tag with strap
  • OLAS GUARDIAN Mobile App. instructions
  • Owners Manual 

*Sold as an Individual 

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