4XEM 30-Pin To RCA Composite Audio/Video Plus USB Charging For iPhone/iPod/iPad - Proprietary/RCA/USB for Audio/Video Device, TV, iPod, iPad, iPhone, Speaker, Mac mini - 5.91 ft - 1 x Male USB, 1 x Proprietary Connector - 1 x RCA Composite Video, 2 x RCA

Item# 4X30PINAV-INGQZ3640
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Product Description

General Information
Manufacturer: 4XEM Corporation
Manufacturer Part Number: 4X30PINAV

Connect your 30-Pin iPod, iPhone or iPad to your TV or projector with 4XEM's Apple 30-Pin To RCA Composite AV adapter. Use the 30-Pin connection on your iDevice to connect to your TV, home cinema receiver or stereo receiver using the RCA/composite video and red/white analog audio ports. Or just connect to your stereo or powered speakers for a room-filling audio experience. In addition to the 3 RCA connectors and 30-Pin dock connector, this cable also features a USB connection you can plug into a power source such as a computer or 4XEM's USB Power Adapter and charge your device while watching YouTube's Most Popular. Made with high-quality materials, this cable isolates your signal from interference to deliver clean and accurate video and sound.

Problem it solves: No more crowding around a small screen. Share YouTube's finest from your iDevice on a RCA/composite enabled TV for all to see.

When charging or transferring data to and from any Apple device, always trust 4XEM Connectivity.

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