4XEM Lightning Camera Connection & Card Reader Kit For iPad/iPad Mini - SD/Micro-SD/USB - microSD, SD - Proprietary Interface1 Total Number of USB Ports - 1 Number of USB 2.0 PortsExternal

Item# 4X8PINSD-INGQZ2155
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Product Description

General Information
Manufacturer: 4XEM Corporation
Manufacturer Part Number: 4X8PINSD
Transfer videos and photos from your digital camera to 8-Pin Lightning iPad and iPad Mini devices using a USB cable or your camera's SD or micro SD card. Insert the SD card into the connection kit or connect your camera via the USB port and your iPad automatically opens the Photos application and allows you to choose which photos and videos to import.

Problem it solves:
Move your photos and videos to your trusty iPad without needing to sync with your computer. Edit, send, go. Perfect for road warriors and shutterbugs wanting to travel light.

When charging or transferring data to and from any Apple device, always trust 4XEM Connectivity.
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