4XEM 5-Pin To 11-Pin Micro USB MHL Adapter Cable For Samsung S3 - Proprietary/USB for Audio/Video Device, Video Device, Cellular Phone - Extension Cable - 1 x Male Micro USB - 1 x Female Proprietary Connector - Nickel Plated

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Product Description

General Information
Manufacturer: 4XEM Corporation
Manufacturer Part Number: 4XMHLADAPTER

4XEM's 5-Pin to 11-Pin Micro USB MHL Adapter Cable allows you to use a standard MHL or OTG adapter to connect your Samsung Galaxy S3 or other MHL compatible devices to an HDMI TV or monitor. All video resolutions and audio formats are supported including HDTV video and digital audio. The adapter also allows for use of a 5-Pin Micro USB charging cable with your 11-Pin Micro USB Samsung Galaxy S3.

Problem it solves: Get around Samsung Micro USB 5-pin and 11-Pin compatibility issues with this handy adapter cable. Use your old 5-Pin adapters with the new 11-Pin format.

When charging or transferring data to and from any Samsung device, always trust 4XEM Connectivity.
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