4XEM Micro USB 11-Pin To HDMI MHL Adapter For Samsung Galaxy S3 - HDMI/USB for Audio/Video Device, Cellular Phone, Tablet PC, TV, Monitor - 1 x Type B Male Micro USB - 1 x HDMI Female Digital Audio/Video - Black

Item# 4XMHLS3S-INGQZ3647
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General Information
Manufacturer: 4XEM Corporation
Manufacturer Part Number: 4XMHLS3S

Easily connect your MHL enabled Samsung Galaxy S3 to a high-definition TV using 4XEM's Micro USB 11-Pin to HDMI MHL Adapter. Supporting up to 1080p of pristine video and 8 channels of digital audio (for 7.1 surround sound), this adapter also provides power to your MHL enabled device. A Micro USB power cable must be connected to power the adapter which will also allow charging of your phone or tablet.

Problem it solves: No need to crowd around your Samsung Galaxy's small screen to view YouTube's finest. This adapter offers 1080p video out to HDMI-equipped TV's and monitors, allowing the whole room to watch the show. It also provides power to your MHL enabled phone or tablet.

4XEM gear is respected industry wide for its high performance, premium quality and durability.

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