4XEM 1 Port PoE Injector 802.3af - 46 V DC, 52 V DC Input - Ethernet Output Port(s) - 110 W

Item# 4XNP300-01-INGQW5910
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Product Description

General Information
Manufacturer: 4XEM Corporation
Manufacturer Part Number: 4XNP300-01
4XEM'S 10/100 PoE Injector integrates 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet capabilities with a power injector function able to drive IEEE 802.3af compliant powered devices. Provides a simple, cost effective, and highly reliable network connection for data as well as power. Plug-and-Play - requires no configuration.

Problem it solves: Expand your network where there is no power line or outlet and be able to use devices such as an IP camera or IP phone.

4XEM gear is respected industry wide for its high performance, premium quality and durability.
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