AddOn 1m MPO to 4xLC Duplex (8xLC) Fanout OM4 LOMM Patch Cable - 100% compatible and guaranteed to work

Item# ADD-MPO-4LC1M5OM4-ING1V7664
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General Information
Manufacturer: AddOn
Manufacturer Part Number: ADD-MPO-4LC1M5OM4
This is a 1m laser optimized multi-mode fiber (LOMM) MPO/4xLC duplex fanout OM4 aqua patch cable. It is a 50/125 micrometer cable that provides a high-density connection for network equipment. This high-density cable accommodates 8 fibers (4 duplex circuits) and fanouts to 4 LC duplex male plugs. Our MPO to 4xLC cable provides savings in circuit card and rack space. In addition, it accommodates speeds up to 40 gigabits, commonly used in QSFP+ applications. This patch cable is recommended for connections between fiber patch panels, hubs, switches, media converters and routers, etc. They provide higher speeds and increased bandwidth compared to conventional twisted-pair copper cable. Each cable is 100% optically tested for insertion loss before you take ownership. Our patch cables are 100% compliant for all of your networking needs. Our products are guaranteed by federal law to not affect or void OEM warranties.
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