Accell Powramid Power Center and Surge Protector - 6 x AC Power - 1.80 kVA - 1080 J - 125 V AC Input

Item# D080B-013K-INGRY7313
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Manufacturer: Accell Corporation
Manufacturer Part Number: D080B-013K

Powramid Power Center and Surge Protector

Typical surge protectors continue to supply power even after they no longer are providing surge protection, exposing connected devices to potential damage from a power surge. With its Power Stop technology, the Powramid automatically stops conducting power once the absorption has reached capacity. The Powramid provides advanced 1080 Joules of surge protection and features patented X3 MOV technology for maximum safety to all connected devices. The Powramid Surge Protector is available in black or white and features a 4 foot grounded power cord.

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