3M GPFMA13 Gold Privacy Filter for Apple MacBook Air 13-inch - For 13.3"MacBook

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General Information
Manufacturer: 3M
Manufacturer Part Number: GPFMA13
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Gold Privacy Filter keeps confidential information private when working in public places on your 13" Apple MacBook Air. It is great for high-traffic areas. You see clearly while people on either side see a vivid golden screen. It includes your choice of two easy-to-use attachment methods. The Gold Privacy Filters offer the highest level of clarity within 3M's line of privacy filters. Reversible, privacy filter can be used with either gold or black side facing you. Lightweight, thin, frameless design protects display from dirt, debris and scratches. It cleans easily with a soft cloth and water.

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Package Content
  • GPFMA13 Gold Laptop privacy filter MacBook Air 13"
  • Attachment Tabs
  • Adhesive Strips