Hovertab - Universal Tablet Security Stand with 3M VHF Plate - Fits all Tablets

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General Information
Manufacturer: Compulocks Group
Manufacturer Part Number: HOVERTAB
The HoverTab Security Stand - Universal Display Lockable stand for any Tablet or Smartphone

The clean looking Hover Tablet stand is a one of a kind product that can provide you with a simple clean way to securely display your tablet. Borrowing the best design features from several of our top-selling iPad stands and Galaxy Tab locks we have created this innovative product.

The HoverTab is a two part system, the first being an adhesive steel plate that connects to the back of the iPad, Galaxy Tab or smartphone. The second is the six inch high stand, sloped at a 60 degree angle for an optimal viewing angle and has 4 inch base for stabilized balance no matter the connected device.
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