3M Privacy Screen Filter Clear, Black - For 13.3"LCD MacBook Air

Item# PFNAP002-ING3E8049
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Manufacturer: 3M
Manufacturer Part Number: PFNAP002
Manufacturer Websi

Privacy filter keeps confidential information private. Only persons directly in front of the monitor can see the image on screen while others on either side of it see a darkened screen. It is great for high-traffic areas such as airports, airplanes, commuter trains, coffee shops and other public places. Custom fit to your 13" Apple MacBook Air with your choice of two easy-to-use, included attachment methods. Reversible, matte side reduces glare and reflections. Lightweight, thin, frameless design protects display from dirt, debris and scratches. Clean easily with a soft cloth and water. Filter includes a convenient storage folder that keeps your privacy filter clean while not in use on your device.

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