Acton RocketSkates R8 Roller Skates

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Manufacturer: Acton inc.
Manufacturer Part Number: R8
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RocketSkates are the world's only remote free electric skates. Just use your feet to kick off and you'll start rolling. Control the skates with your feet by tilting the skates forward to accelerate and tilting it back on your heel to apply the brakes. Strap-in Design: Allows you to wear almost any shoe you want and strap in to the Rocket Skates. The Skates come with an adjustable footplate for both large and small feet. Walkability: because your feet are so close to the ground, you can walk with the RocketSkates! The RocketSkates are designed so that you can walk with the skates on if you need to go up a flight of stairs or want to stop for some coffee. Smart & Connected: The RocketSkates can connect to the ACTON mobile App via Bluetooth. The App can give you a dashboard for your Skates and provide other features like route tracking and interactive gaming. This feature requires a recent model iPhone or Android phone. R-8 Specifications: Color: Silver Max Speed: 12 Mph Estimated range in distance: 8 miles Estimated range in time: 70 minutes Charging time: 1.5 hours Wheels: Rubber Weight 7lbs (3Kg) Max rider weight: 275lbs Maximum Incline: 5 - 8 degrees.

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